How we built the foundation for a 100x in the Bull Market

July 31 — Month in review for 100xCoin 🐄

Greetings 100xCoin community, apologies for the delay between formal Medium articles, thanks to those who have been active in the Telegram and who have been getting our updates real time.

This article is meant to summarize some of the goings-on from July in the 100xCoin pump operations center, and how we are going to utilize our unique market position and resources to ride the green candles through the second half of the bull-run.

You’re here, you’re early, and we’re going places together 🚀

What consolidation means for you

First things first, let’s talk price. Yes we’re down. Yes the markets down. Let’s zoom out for a minute and look at what a great position we are in for the next bull flag 🚄 (I wrote this before the recent pump but I’m leaving the historical text for record)

Here’s some of the benefits of the current market cap and holder consolidation

1 — Super healthy liquidity for large investors. (Big guys will ape hard when volume returns)

2 — Strong base of holders and pump and dump holders out.

3 — Solid plan & resources to bring volume back to the coin.

4 — Silly whales now empty.

Like we said from the beginning, we are not here for millions of dollars, we are here for billions. Consolidation and market retraces are a healthy part of the economy, and in the long term benefit holders.

The only things that matter are that the community is still together, the core team is still building, and we’re all going to be trading lambos when the market recovers.

We are honing a very sharp point at the tip of a large wave, the wallet consolidation is what will make the long term holder exponentially more returns than those who blow early. 🐳. 100xCoin is my biggest bet in 2021.

Altbase updates (iOS details included)

During the month of July we crossed our 10k download mark on the Altbase Android app. We have seen extremely positive user feedback on the ease of use being able to purchase crypto directly from credit and debit card in app.

Multicoin support is on the near term horizon for Android. Our B2B deal pipeline continues to be chock full of talented high growth projects looking for an easier way for their users to access their coin through the PancakeSwap Dex. Shipping soon we will be able to list any coin in the app including SafeMoon, Doge, EverRise, and any other partner seeking an engaged platform of buyers.

The long awaited iOS app is again under review with apple. For those asking for details on why this release is taking so long, please review the documentation in section 3.1.5 from the — Apple Developer Website.

As you can see in section iii “Exchanges: Apps may facilitate transactions or transmissions of cryptocurrency on an approved exchange, provided they are offered by the exchange itself.”

In our case, because we are using the PancakeSwap Dex as our exchange, we have to come up with a different solution for the purchasing of alternative currencies.

There are a number of solutions to this problem on iOS:

  1. Use a native iOS browser for purchasing tokens in app (like the old TrustWallet or Metamask)
  2. Become an exchange or other financial institution
  3. Utilize internal API calls for token transfer

Right now we are working directly with the Apple team to create the best solution for our users. We received positive feedback on our latest deployment to the App Store and the dev team is working quickly to implement the features that will make Altbase compliant with the strict security measures at Apple.

In the interim we expect to pump before iOS releases. The attention on 100xCoin is growing across all of our social platforms and the in app features are just beginning to be shipped.

There are multiple possibilities for the V1 version of the iOS app and we will continue to explore solutions for bridging new users from fiat to the Binance Chain.

This is truly the new wave of investing and we are at the forefront. 🏄

How the 100xCoin community will change crypto

A major problem coins have, including ourselves, is teaching the 99% of people still on the sidelines how to invest in crypto — and why they would want to.

If you want to see how early you are, pick five family members and ask them what Bitcoin is. See their answers. If your family is anything like mine you’ll hear:

“Basically it’s a ponzi scheme and you’re gonna get dumped on.”

“It’s like digital gold.”

“There’s computers that do a lot of math and come up with numbers to mine fake money.”

All of these answers are actually in their own way correctish. But then more complexity comes in when you ask them questions like: “What is Doge? What is Ethereum? How about Cardano?” All of these coins trading for multibillion dollar market-caps, but with the majority of the worlds population holding none.

There are over 7B people on earth and less than 1% of them hold BTC. As with most high value goods, the rich are getting into the market first, you can see this happening with all of the recent NFL athletes sharing themselves taking paychecks and bonuses in crypto, most notable in my opinion is New York Giants Saquon Barkley announcing he will convert all marketing earnings to Bitcoin.

From dealing with influencers ourselves this year, we see the power crypto has to make real world actions happen. The rich and powerful are adopting first, and it’s our responsibility to make sure that our community follows with as much knowledge as possible. Which is why released our Beta Coin College —

The mastery of Altcoins

In my NFA opinion, there will be no greater earning opportunities in our lifetime than the alternative cryptocurrency market. In the next five years you will see institutions opening the borders from CDs and Bonds into the largely underdeveloped Altcoin sector.

By partnering with Startup Boost (SUBX), we were able to deploy our learning system that will begin to teach curious learners about the various intricacies of Alts. Think Kahn Academy for Altcoins.

While Coinbase may be focused on the larger institutions, we are honing in on the early “Day Trader” type users and bringing them into the 100xCoin community as the new experts of the high risk high reward market.

Why we launched CremePieSwap

We’ve written extensively on how $CPIE plays into our long term vision, and I recommend starting with this article for those that haven’t read yet —

But to add more details here, I will share some of the 100xCoin benefits that have already been realized from the $CPIE launch:

  • $600K in Marketing & Development Funds Raised
  • A-List athlete partnership — Manny Pacquiao
  • Top-tier founder connections
  • Exponential traffic to website and social media.
Dream Team

The 100xCoin team is experts at identifying needs in the market and building solutions quickly to fit user requests. We will continue to use these abilities as 100xCoin evolves and develops to the leading currency in alts.

We expect CremePieSwap to become the industry leading Dex on the Matic Chain. This will be used to create more and more revenue and cashflow opportunities for the 100xCoin community.

Summary and the Future of Hype

Not discussed in this article is our ongoing development of the 100xRocket platform and the other big surprises we have in store for 2021. We’ve made huge strides during the down market with Android Altbase Development, CremePieSwap, and our new partner Manny (the Crypto😉) Pacquiao.

During the second half of the year, we’re going to unleash our greatest surprises to date.

Let’s pretend we’re in a smoky casino playing roulette. You have two choices, Red and Black. If you bet on Red, that means you think all crypto is going to zero forever, lel. Black means all of crypto pumps to new all time highs this year and the 100xCoin community will see returns that are unprecedented.

There will be ups, there will be downs. And regardless, 6 months is barely the start of where 100x will be in 3–4 years time. Believe in the team, the community, yourself.

I know where my bet is placed 💠 🙌.

See you soon — cowjumpmoon.


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