Buy on PancakeSwap April 13th! 👩‍🚀

$100xCoin, formerly $100xElo could be the last gem of this alt season. This article will cover our new and improved tokenomics, sharpen the edges of our long term vision, and discuss the short term roadmap for the $100x community.

As always, DYOR. This article is not financial advice.

We’d like to thank all of our HOLDr’s who have rode the bumps, caught the waves, and are ready to hit phase two of our flight to financial freedom. See you on the sun ☀️ .

While there are many differences this coin has over others: a doxxed (non anonymous) leader…

May 2nd — Weekly Roundup for 100xCoin + Very Important Instructions For Holders 👇

Whatsup world’s smartest degens. Welcome to the big show. Last week we had, 10,000 holders of the $100xCoin. This week we proudly crossed the 30,000 holder mark and are just getting started. 100x is going to $7B and beyond. Every week you’re going to see how we do it.

As always, this weekly roundup will talk about our key wins from last week, talk about upcoming catalysts, and share some updates on the state of alt-season.

Hop In, We’re Going Places 👩‍🚀 (oh, and Wan Bil…

April 25th — Weekly Roundup for 100xCoin + Very Important Instructions For Holders 👇

$100x had one helluva week. This article is going to catch you up on everything you might have missed, foreshadow some super cool things to come, and hype up new buyers because you are still early on the 100xCoin journey.

Journey’s suck, let’s get to some destinations.

As always, DYOR, this article is not financial advice.

Where we’re going, we don’t need no gas.

Launching & relaunching 🚀

On April 12th we launched our V2 smart contract. Unfortunately there were some hiccups in this takeoff. First, not everyone had been swapped from our V1 contract ($Elo). …

Hello fellow $100x 👩‍🚀

Forget the moon, forget Mars. While other projects are aiming the wrong way, we’re aiming for the biggest source of energy in the solar system ☀️.

We have some important updates for the flight plan, please read on to gather your instructions.

Also DYOR, this is not financial advice. We are not financial advisors.

credit to @flynhjim and @labauefmo for the art

1. Pause buying and shilling. HOLD until launch.

Due to our new HODLers who joined us yesterday and took our market cap to a new all time high of $16M, we are adjusting our strategy for the launch day. If our market cap increases too high…

Hop in, we’re going places 👩‍🚀

Here in the 100xCoin community we’re building the first fully transparent rocket ship into orbit. $100x is the first doxxed (owner verified as a real person) meme coin: founded by crypto influencer Ken the Crypto, audited twice, liquidity locked, and prepping for blastoff in less than a week.

This could be the last hyper-growth alt coin of the bull run. Grab your $100x and join the best community of degenerate DeFi fanatics that aren’t stopping at the moon; we’re going places.

DYOR. This article is not financial advice.

Who is Ken anyway?

Ken, better known as Ken the Crypto, has been teaching his…


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