Buy on PancakeSwap April 13th! 👩‍🚀

100xCoin Altbase — Releases May 31

Hello Holders 🐄

As always, here’s your 100x update discussing the strategy we are using to become the most adopted currency on the Binance Smart Chain.

Hello fellow $100x 👩‍🚀

Forget the moon, forget Mars. While other projects are aiming the wrong way, we’re aiming for the biggest source of energy in the solar system ☀️.

Hop in, we’re going places 👩‍🚀

Here in the 100xCoin community we’re building the first fully transparent rocket ship into orbit. $100x is the first doxxed (owner verified as a real person) meme coin: founded by crypto influencer Ken the Crypto, audited twice, liquidity locked, and prepping for blastoff in less than a week.


crypto mastermind, 100xCoin, lover of defi

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